Über uns

Successful. That’ us.
être belle is one of the few privately-managed companies of its size in the German cosmetic landscape. The Company was founded by Harry Emich more than 35 years ago, and is headquartered in the Stuttgart region, in the Southern part of Germany. There is now a total of 1,200 people within the group and through international export partners working for the brand. The strategy is focused on growth, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, whereas être belle strongly believes in a natural and sustainable development.

Today, there are about 3,000 beauticians in Germany working with être belle products which can also be found in perfumeries, beauty and wellness hotels as well in our online-shop. être belle is a worldwide synonym for exclusive cosmetic and spa products including professional treatment systems. This does not only benefit our professional customers, but most of all consumers in nearly 60 countries worldwide through subsidiaries and partners. The main objective of être belle has always been to provide both beauticians and consumers with high-quality, effective and skin-friendly cosmetic products. Products with natural ingredients, in an attractive and environmentally friendly packaging for the best value-for-money.
Modern, elegant and inspiring.
The être belle cosmetics concept stores offer everything to reconcile body, soul and spirit in 3 exclusive locations: Skyline Plaza Frankfurt, Gerber Stuttgart, Mall of Berlin, Leipziger Platz.

In addition to the market of the future, the export market, the domestic market remains the stable foundation, the expansion possibilities of which are far from being exhausted. Through the increased engagement in social media and bloggers we always reach new customer groups and increase awareness of the brand among consumers.
Quality Guarantee. That’s what we stand for.
être belle is characterized by the development of innovative products. The excellent quality of our products is the result of many years of systematic research and development. Through the participation in domestic and international cosmetics trade shows as well as the exchange of ideas with recognized laboratories in Europe and overseas, we are right in the middle of the industry and can react quickly to market demands.

être belle products comply with all pharmaceutical and food regulatory requirements, and the requirements of the international guidelines for the development and production of cosmetic products. être belle does not test on animals and does not engage third-parties to do so.

Through our sister company Pfeiffer Laboratories GmbH, which is exclusively specialized in the development and production of cosmetic products, être belle is a leader in the development of cosmetic products based on new technologies and raw materials. Pfeiffer Laboratories GmbH develops not only for être belle, but also for many renowned cosmetics companies in Germany and abroad, is NATRUE and COSMOS certified and therefore stands for the highest quality and sustainability.
Declaration. That’s what we commit to.
As an international company, être belle has declared all ingredients according to INCI and CTFA for many years. Our laboratory is GMP approved. It is part of our philosophy to make all ingredients transparent and verifiable and to keep beauticians and consumers around the world fully informed at all times.