Skin Care

Facial Oil Serum elderberry seed for sensitive skin
The oil serum from the heart of the elder has a skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.
19,00 EUR
incl. 16% tax
Aloe Vera Regeneration Mask 3-Step-Facecare-Set
Regeneration by the aloe vera in 3 steps. The 3-Step Skin Care Set includes a refreshing and moisturizing fleece mask, the 3101 Aloe Vera Eye Cream and the 3114 Aloe Vera Carotene Cream for an all-round pampering application.
33,00 EUR
incl. 16% tax
purewhite Pearl Refreshing Tonic - phase 2
Face tonic which clearly freshens the skin and contains valuable ingredients for lightening the appearance of hyper pigments. 
24,70 EUR
incl. 16% tax
Golden Skin Caviar Eye Cream
Pure Luxury for your eyes
The delicate consistency of this high-quality eye cream has an immediate and long-lasting effect. 
54,50 EUR
incl. 16% tax
Sensiplus Hydrasilk Cleansing Milk
Ultra mild cleansing milk with soothing and balancing ingredients for delicate skin.
27,30 EUR
incl. 16% tax
Energy C-Cream
24 hour creme with Energy C.
34,20 EUR
incl. 16% tax
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